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Vietnam meets France (in a truck) at “Paris Sandwich”


Vietnamese food is great. The end.

I should probably write some more, seeing as how this is supposed to be a review of the “Paris Sandwich” truck. With a pair of restaurants and now a food truck, “Paris Sandwich” brings distinctly Vietnamese flavors across Manhattan and into your stomach. This particular vehicle hauls the French-inspired traditional Vietnamese baguette sandwiches around the city at an affordable price. Yes, before the word “fusion” ever rolled off of a food critics tongue, Vietnam was immersed in the French culture from years of being a French colony.

A diverse and small menu keeps things simple for this truck, but don’t be fooled by the size of it. Strong flavors are balanced playfully with each other to make for a one-of-a kind experience that you typically expect when you order Vietnamese food. Let’s dig in to one of the five sandwiches that this truck has!
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