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Authentic Indian Cart Food in New York at “THELEwala”


In New York, street food is usually not that spectacular. Typically, it’s either a hot dog, a hefty plate of Halal food that may or may not give you food poisoning (I have had my fair share of that), or tacos, if you luck out. They are cheap and filling, but it’s a risk not worth taking in most cases. Street food out of carts is not limited only to the five boroughs, but has been a worldwide way to sell food for ages. You can get Tako Yaki in Japan, rice cakes in China, and all sorts of things in India, which is where our cuisine will be originating from in this review.

Owned by Shiva Natarajan, “THELEwala” is a restaurant that specializes in Calcutta street food. About the same size as “Meatball Obsession” was from the outside, this diminutive eatery is slightly bigger on the inside, with enough room for a kitchen and some stools. Don’t let the size fool you, as what it lacks in scale, they make up for with their food.
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