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Kielbase from the “Old Traditional Polish Cuisine” Truck


There are some ethnic foods that seem to be rarer than others when it comes to dining in Manhattan. Polish cuisine seems to be one of those that I have trouble finding, other than a few select spots that are dotted around the city. Luckily, someone heard the outcry for this type of food, and has mobilized that need on four wheels.

The “Old Traditional Polish Cuisine” Truck, or OTPC for short (because I am not re-typing that name out each time),has one of the most unique and awesome looking trucks out there. You can easily spot this truck amongst all the competitors with its faux-wood paneling and homely design. Other trucks go for modern looks, while OTPC goes for a classic home-cooking feel. It’s comfort food at it’s most comforting, so let’s dive in and eat!
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A Booze Box from “Nunu Chocolates”


Born in South Africa, Justine Pringle moved to America and eventually met her husband, Andy Laird, who was a musician who performed often in the city. In an effort to sell merchandise that was more than just shirts or CD’s, the couple decided on a whim to make chocolates. Much to their surprise, the sweets caught on and soon their side-job turned into a full-time career and enterprise, “Nunu Chocolates”.

The name originates from a term in Africa for young children, but the chocolates that this booming company create are not your average box of Russell Stover. At the Mad. Sq. Eats event, I checked out the Nunu booth, which was offering tastings of their chocolates paired with wine and beer. Sadly, I was there to work and not drink (however, my work was gorging on food, a tough way to earn a living), but I did pick up a box of chocolates to take back for later. The Booze Box ($12), pictured above, holds six pieces of their handmade chocolates, each with a different kind of liquor inside. Let’s tear into it and get ourselves a simultaneous sugar rush and buzz!
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