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Kielbase from the “Old Traditional Polish Cuisine” Truck


There are some ethnic foods that seem to be rarer than others when it comes to dining in Manhattan. Polish cuisine seems to be one of those that I have trouble finding, other than a few select spots that are dotted around the city. Luckily, someone heard the outcry for this type of food, and has mobilized that need on four wheels.

The “Old Traditional Polish Cuisine” Truck, or OTPC for short (because I am not re-typing that name out each time),has one of the most unique and awesome looking trucks out there. You can easily spot this truck amongst all the competitors with its faux-wood paneling and homely design. Other trucks go for modern looks, while OTPC goes for a classic home-cooking feel. It’s comfort food at it’s most comforting, so let’s dive in and eat!
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Chickwich from “Hill Country Chicken”


Perched right by the Flatiron Building, “Hill Country Chicken” is the place to go when the Shake Shack in the park is lined up all the way down to Union Square. Serving fried chicken with loads of sides and plenty of homemade pies (including their Apple Cheddar Pie that I really enjoyed), there are plenty of options for a good Southern meal.

Fresh fried chicken can take awhile to make, plus there is that inherent amount of grease and high-calories that come with it. For the diner on the go, “Hill Country Chicken” also offers up some hearty sandwiches, including their fried chicken sandwich with the cutesy name, the “Chickwich”.
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A fine nosh at “Ben’s Kosher Delicatessen”


Sometimes you get a hankering for some deli meats. I don’t mean turkey, ham, and tuna salad – I mean some authentic “New Yawk” (since that is the right way to pronounce it) Kosher deli. That craving came to me, and I had the need – the need to nosh!

“Ben’s Kosher Delicatessen” has had a location in Queens that I remember being there back when I was a wee youngling, still suckling on pizza bagels and “Cheerio’s”. Much has changed since those days, for example, I now only eat the more sophisticated “Honey Nut Cheerio’s”. I had never ventured to “Ben’s” before, but thanks to the subconscious succubus that is TV, I had been seeing plenty of commercials for them and it would appear their hypnotic tactics finally worked. So I grabbed my gentile friend who had never had truly had the Kosher deli experience before and trekked out to “Ben’s”.
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