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“Mezzo Giornio” brings the boar, I bring the pain


If I did my math correctly, which I typically don’t thanks to my public school education, Soho’s “Mezzo Giornio” is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, a momentous hallmark for a restaurant in NYC. Passing by the place on the corner of Spring St., I glanced over their menu and found some intriguing items that I had to try – specifically their pasta with wild boar (seen above). Thankfully, the restaurant has a great prix-fixe menu for $20 (not including tip) that offers up a healthy taste of their soup and pasta. With a price like that, who could say no? Well, I guess people who can’t eat gluten, but aside from them, who could say no (and much like a hipster, they are barely human anyway, so what do they matter)?


“Mezzo Giornio” wastes no time, bringing out a curtain opener of briny, meaty-tasting olives in different sizes and colors, along with some crusty bread and crunchy breadsticks. It was hard not to resist the lure of carbs, but I was on good behavior and held off, instead tearing through the earthen-colored olives like a lawnmower cuts through grass. Besides, I had a date with a bowl of pasta, and I wanted to give her my undivided attention.
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