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Tour of “Mad. Sq. Eats” Spring 2013 – Part 1

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Every Spring in General Worth Square on Madison Avenue and 23rd street, “Mad. Sq. Eats” pops up, offering locals and lucky tourists a little taste of some great restaurants from all around the five boroughs. The selection is mind-boggling, with Mexican empanadas next to Korean taco joints, Asian fusion cuisine sitting across from traditional Italian specialties. “Mad. Sq. Eats” is definitely an event not to miss, and I attacked the park on it’s second day of business, shoving through the throngs of foodies to get my fill of this edible haven in the middle of a busy city.

There will not be as many photos in this review as I would have liked since I was there shooting a video (which you can see after the jump), but here is the rundown of some of what I ate (keyword is some as there will be a few supplemental reviews of items that I brought home).
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Video tour of “Mad. Sq. Eats” – Spring 2013

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Welcome to our first original video on Blowtorch Pudding! Bobby Fillet broke out the good camera to go check out “Mad. Sq. Eats” in General Worth Square in between 5th and Madison Avenue on 23rd street.

From May 3 through to May 31, “Mad. Sq. Eats” is a daily food festival open from 11 AM until 9 PM. Featuring food vendors and restaurants from the five boroughs, this years “Mad. Sq. Eats” featured places like Momofuku Milk Bar, Roberta’s Pizza, Calexico, ilili, Hong Kong Street Cart, Bar Suzette, AsiaDog, and many more. This video is a taste of what the event is like!

Stay tuned for more detailed reports and reviews from “Mad. Sq. Eats” and make sure you check it out yourself while it is still open! Special thanks to the folks that let us interview them, including Charlito’s Cocina, Macaron Parlour, Mayhem and Stout, Red Hook Lobster Pound and Mehtaphor.

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