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A fine nosh at “Ben’s Kosher Delicatessen”


Sometimes you get a hankering for some deli meats. I don’t mean turkey, ham, and tuna salad – I mean some authentic “New Yawk” (since that is the right way to pronounce it) Kosher deli. That craving came to me, and I had the need – the need to nosh!

“Ben’s Kosher Delicatessen” has had a location in Queens that I remember being there back when I was a wee youngling, still suckling on pizza bagels and “Cheerio’s”. Much has changed since those days, for example, I now only eat the more sophisticated “Honey Nut Cheerio’s”. I had never ventured to “Ben’s” before, but thanks to the subconscious succubus that is TV, I had been seeing plenty of commercials for them and it would appear their hypnotic tactics finally worked. So I grabbed my gentile friend who had never had truly had the Kosher deli experience before and trekked out to “Ben’s”.
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