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Latin fusion from the “Blend Express” truck


I want to introduce you to one of my favorite food trucks in NYC. Is it the best food truck I have ever tasted? Hardly, although it is very good (spoiler alert – this place gets a good review). “Blend Express” has been a weekly staple in my lunch rotation for nearly two years, and there are plenty of reasons why that you will soon discover.

Sporting the concept of Latin fusion, this truck offers tacos, burritos, rice bowls, and a few sandwiches as well, with tons of toppings to customize your meals the way you like it. I am going to show you one of my favorite truck comfort foods today, and see if I can convert you to “Blend Express” as well.
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Carnitas Tacos from “Dos Caminos”


Hard to believe that I have yet to review a proper Mexican place, despite doing articles about tacos. We have seen tacos with a Korean influence and Japanese tastes, but nothing more authentic yet, or something close to that. I think we can safely consider “Dos Caminos” to be that classic Mexican dining experience, with a modern upgrade.

“Dos Caminos” is from the BR Guest Hospitality family of upscale restaurants, which also includes “Blue FIn”, “Ruby Foos”, and “Strip House”. While it is technically a franchise, it’s small enough to qualify for a review (just don’t ever expect one of “Olive Garden” on this site). Most of the “tradition” from this place would be the base ingredients and concepts, and while this is not Tacos Nouveau (imagine a deconstructed burrito… the horror), these are dishes adapted for an American palate.
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