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Japanese fried awesomeness at “Go! Go! Curry!”


When I went to Japan in 2008, I can honestly say I never had a bad meal (even the times where I ended up ordering a teriyaki burger from McDonald’s). The first thing I ate when I got off the plane was a Curry Udon soup, which was absolutely amazing, and was followed the next day by my first experience with Tonkatsu, a fried pork cutlet. Japanese comfort food at its simplest.

“Go! Go! Curry!”, located near the NYU dorms by Washington Square Park, brings authentic Japanese curry and yummy fried goodness is one tiny storefront. The restaurant is named in honor of NY Yankees baseball player, Hideki Matsui, whose number is 55. In Japanese, with their love of wordplay, Matsui’s first name means “Go! Go!”, so why not go curry! With a baseball theme for their menu and enough room to seat roughly a dozen or so people in the place, the freshly fried fare is served with a heap of curry sauce and white rice. It’s a lot of fun, and a lot of flavor.
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Food Movies – “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”


“Sukiyabashi Jiro” sits next to a subway exit in the basement of an office building, an auspicious location for a three-star Michelin restaurant. It is the home of Jiro Ono, the world’s oldest sushi maker at 85 years old, and his oldest son, Yoshikazu. With only ten seats, reservations are taken a month in advance, costing 300,000 yen for the meal consisting only of sushi – no appetizers or dessert.

Director David Gelb initially planned on doing a documentary in Japan about the world of sushi, but after much research, he was told to visit Jiro’s tiny eatery in the Ginza district of Tokyo, and the story of one family began to tell itself in front of his camera. 150 hours of footage later, “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” was made.
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Japan meets Mexico at “Domo Taco” Truck

domo taco 1

Taco trucks were one of the earliest forms of culinary vehicles in most states to have them, and variations on the classic formula are now just as plentiful as the popular Mexican standby. Last time, we took a look at a Korean taco truck, “Kimchi Taco“, and today we continue into the world of Asian tacos with “Domo Taco”.

With its lime green truck and adorable batter-fried mascot adorning the sides, “Domo Taco” stands out on the streets that it parks on, and offers a taste from different parts of the East, mostly Japan but with a small Chinese and Thai influence too. I have had tacos from this truck plenty of times before, and was always surprised when I read mediocre reviews about the place, so it is time for Blowtorch Pudding to either set things straight, or figure out why my peers were not as into “Domo Taco” as I am.
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