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Let’s get Schnitzel from the “Schnitzel & Things” truck


There are few foods that are as fun to say as Schnitzel. With the exception of momos, few words put a smile on foodies faces as that one does. We have tried Schnitzel on this site before at Doma Na Rohu, but the difference for this review is that this schnitzel comes in a truck.

“Schnitzel & Things” has been in business since 2009, which is also when they won the prestigious Rookie of the Year at the Vendy Awards. Theirs was the first schnitzel truck in NYC, and it has been rolling down the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn on a daily basis since then. Does their flattened and fried meat capture the schnitzel magic that sit-down restaurants offer, or is this truck as tasty as the blackened crumby bits on the bottom of the deep fryer? Let’s take a bite and find out!
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Schnitzel and Pretzels from “Doma Na Rohu”


Originally a small restaurant on West 4th and Perry St., “Doma Na Rohu” has nestled itself into one of those peculiar half-street spots on Morton St. and 7th Avenue. The eatery, which translates to “home on a corner” from the Slovak language, is an eclectic traditional menu featuring items from Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Large windows allow plenty of natural light to envelop this cozy European restaurant, that features a board game night, live music, and plenty of other family-friendly events. The interior feels like a small family-owned German restaurant, with ye olde German illustrations hanging on the wall and vintage-looking furniture. Known for their variety of sausages, I came with something else in my mind – schnitzel.
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