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Ramen and dumplings from “Bob & Jo Truck”


“Bob & Jo” is one of my absolute favorite food trucks in the city, as readers will recall of my first article about their traveling Korean BBQ truck. I’ve been a regular customer of theirs for some time now, and was aware of their catering menu that included items like bulgogi hot dogs and galbi hamburgers, but they have never been available to street shoppers. While I enjoyed the menu from “Bob & Jo”, even I need some change.

I was excited to see their winter and spring menu a few months back introduce some new items into the mix, specifically their ramen and dumplings. How does this compare against their usual fare? Let’s find out!
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“Super Noodle” is, indeed, super


People who know me well know that soup is kind of a big deal to me. It’s a universal comfort food, and so simple to make. I am a sucker for noodle soups, especially the Asian variety. When I was in Japan for my brief trip, I managed to slurp down at least one bowl of soup a day, whether it was udon, ramen, or something else along those lines.

While walking towards Bleecker st. along 7th Avenue, I had noticed that a vacant store finally had a new resident. That empty spot used to be a Szechuan hot spot, and before that another random Chinese restaurant. Today, it was “Super Noodle”, an authentic Chinese noodle house. Since this is a NY winter, 7th Avenue was acting as a windtunnel for the harsh 20 degree weather, and it was obvious the only thing I could do to survive from freezing to death was to get myself some soup.
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