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Momofuku’s “Crack Pie” Should Be Illegal


While I was filming at the “Madison Square Eats” event earlier this month, I saw the cute little “Momofuku Milk Bar” booth, maintained by the equally cute and friendly register girl. Run by David Chang with the baking prowess of Christina Tosi, Momofuku has built an empire around their high-quality food, but I had yet to visit any of their many shops in NYC.

Reeled in with the decorations of mini-pretzels strung atop the booth like Christmas lights and enamored with the pixie-like smile of the register girl, it did not take long for me to drop way too much money at their booth.

On her suggestion after informing her that I was a Momofuku virgin, I bought a slice of the “Crack Pie”. I wondered how many times a day she had to fake-laugh her way through customers that made drug jokes about the pie. Being the gentleman I was, I made one myself, her genuinely warm fake-laugh putting a grin on my face too. Damn you, Momofuku girl. Damn your cuteness and delicious baked goods. Let’s see if your pie was as amazing as you were.
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