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Half Cinnamon-Roll, Half Cookie – Meet the Cinnarookies!


Kickstarter is the place where dreams go to wither and die, or blossom and thrive. Like many other fans of that site, I love to scour the pages upon pages of ideas and concepts for things, like video games, comics, technology, or my personal favorite, food. It’s hard to choose what item you want to back when you are on a limited budget, especially when it comes to the tasty edible options out there. Luckily for me, I found Cinnarookies.

Billed as the hybrid between a cinnamon roll and a cookie, the Cinnarookie was created by Minnesota natives Ashley Wiermaa and Lindsey Else. The dream of these two business ladies/ bakers was to take their unique cookie idea and turn it into a national business. Like all start-ups, there are tons of expenses when it comes to starting the corporate side of things, so Ashley & Lindsey turned to their kickstarter to raise $3,500 to get the ball rolling. Thanks to their successful fundraising efforts, they raised more than they needed, and lucky for a backer like me, I got my hands on a dozen of their cookies as a thank you gift! So, let’s take a sneak peek at the Cinnarookie!
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