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Chickwich from “Hill Country Chicken”


Perched right by the Flatiron Building, “Hill Country Chicken” is the place to go when the Shake Shack in the park is lined up all the way down to Union Square. Serving fried chicken with loads of sides and plenty of homemade pies (including their Apple Cheddar Pie that I really enjoyed), there are plenty of options for a good Southern meal.

Fresh fried chicken can take awhile to make, plus there is that inherent amount of grease and high-calories that come with it. For the diner on the go, “Hill Country Chicken” also offers up some hearty sandwiches, including their fried chicken sandwich with the cutesy name, the “Chickwich”.
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Soup and Sandwich from “Snack” in SoHo


… And that is the end of my alliterations for this review, I promise. Tucked away on Thompson street (I lied about the alliterations), “Snack” is a cozy hideaway that would be barely noticeable if not for the yellow sign swinging overhead.

“Snack” is also notable for a pretty big vegetarian menu. In fact, the majority of the menu is ovo-lacto vegetarian friendly, so as long as you are not like the lady sitting next to me that was gluten-free, carb-free, and all-around pain in the ass, there is something for everyone! Be it there impressive omelette bar or traditional Greek pies, or array of dips, “Snack” is a hot-spot for lunch and dinner in the SoHo area, and my first trip there would be the average businessperson meal of soup and a sandwich.
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