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Apple Cheddar Pie from “Hill Country Chicken”


As the old saying goes, “Apple pie without the cheese, is like the kiss without a squeeze.” Apple pie with cheese on top was a big thing in the United States up until it began to fade out in the late ’70’s. These days, it’s extremely difficult to come by this treat at all, my only knowledge of it came from “Taxi Driver” when Deniro’s character orders it in a diner. Ever since I saw that movie, it became my mission to find this version of apple pie, and I finally came upon it in an unexpected place.

“Hill Country Chicken”, a fried-chicken joint near Madison Square Park, offers up much more than just deep-fried poultry. With a large selection of freshly baked pies at the front-counter, when I read “Apple Cheddar” I was immediately sold.
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