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Tour of “Mad. Sq. Eats” Spring 2013 – Part 1

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Every Spring in General Worth Square on Madison Avenue and 23rd street, “Mad. Sq. Eats” pops up, offering locals and lucky tourists a little taste of some great restaurants from all around the five boroughs. The selection is mind-boggling, with Mexican empanadas next to Korean taco joints, Asian fusion cuisine sitting across from traditional Italian specialties. “Mad. Sq. Eats” is definitely an event not to miss, and I attacked the park on it’s second day of business, shoving through the throngs of foodies to get my fill of this edible haven in the middle of a busy city.

There will not be as many photos in this review as I would have liked since I was there shooting a video (which you can see after the jump), but here is the rundown of some of what I ate (keyword is some as there will be a few supplemental reviews of items that I brought home).
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