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Boston Cream Pie Cupcake from “Molly’s Cupcakes”


I remember birthday parties in elementary school, where the kids parents would send their children with cupcakes or cookies or rice krispie treats. Simpler times, before the weight of the world crushed our dreams and smashed our motivation and esteem. The love of cupcakes was embedded in our minds at a young age, so when I came upon the big, bright storefront for “Molly’s Cupcakes”, it stopped me cold in my tracks.

The “Molly” in the title is actually not the name of the owner (who is John Nicolaides), but was the owner’s third-grade teacher that used to bake cupcakes for the children’s birthdays. Not just the Betty Crocker mix, but her own special recipes that influenced John’s love of cupcakes and inspired him not only to open this place, but donate a portion of the profits to local schools. They offer a wide variety of colorful gourmet cupcakes in different sizes, including vegan flavors, traditional frosted ones, and an assortment of filled items, which we will examine one of today.
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