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Bite-sized Bagel balls from “Bantam Bagels”


There are a few items that tourists must eat on their trip to New York City. Thin crust pizza, a dirty water hot dog from a cart, and an authentic NYC bagel. There are probably more, but for the sake of keeping this article down to a decent word count, let’s stick with three.

Something makes bagels from “New Yawk” a bit different from its relatives around the nation. Maybe it’s the water, or perhaps it’s the different things you can put on top of it. It’s a basic bread-type food with many possibilities. “Bantam Bagels” on Bleecker Street has popped up and is offering a new spin on the classic carb, making them bite-sized and filled with flavor combinations that will make you “change the way you bagel”, or so their slogan says.

So, let’s get past this obstructed view from across the street and get some bagels!
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