Sweets ‘n’ Treats: Ring Ding from “Murray’s Cheese Shop”


“Murray’s Cheese Shop” in SoHo is known mainly for one thing, and if you do not know what that is please read the name of the store until you do. Aside from it’s namesake, they have plenty of meats both cured and fresh, wine, an amazing olive bar, fresh pasta and sauces, and other goodies hiding in their nooks and crannies.

It’s easy to miss something in the store since there is so much around, but if you get lucky, sometimes something will stand out at you. Right next to some packages of Salami, I found a few sweets, including the one we are reviewing today.

Originally created by the Drake’s company, a subsidiary of Hostess, the Ring Ding ceased to exist in November 2012 when its parent company was forced to close its doors. This left a huge gap in the world of commercial desserts, along with the extinction of Twinkies, Devil Dogs, Yodels, and Funny Bones. Thankfully, there are some baking geniuses who figured out how to make these items themselves, and Murray’s just happens to have one. How does this version hold up against the real deal? Let’s find out!


For a size comparison, here is the Ring Ding next to a bunch of post-it notes. While it might not be bigger than a pack of these yellow papers, it is quite tall, more than twice the height of one of them. Compared to the original Ring Ding, this one is not close to the same size since that was closer to a hockey puck. However, the Murray’s version is definitely taller than its ancestor.


Out of the package, you can see the soft waves of chocolate covering the cake hiding within. This sweet shell is the first line of defense for the Ring Ding in the wild, smearing its enemies hands with molten cocoa goo. Unfortunately for it, most of its attackers won’t worry about the sticky fingers, and will rip apart the otherwise defenseless baked good.


The action really begins when you crack open the Ring Ding and take a bite. Murray’s outer shell is indeed sweet but not sugary, and the insides can be described similarly. That strong chocolate taste goes well with the dense cake within, and the vanilla frosting in the center is very similar to the original Ring Ding. The best way to describe this cake is that it is a much upgraded version of the classic, an example of when the student surpasses the teacher.

For $2.99, you get a hefty round of cake that will leave you satisfied and give you that sugar fix that we all need so bad. It may look small but it packs a lot of power, and can easily be shared with someone. For a hardcore chocoholic, this Ring Ding will satiate that lust for a product that can no longer be found in the wild, but only in habitat’s like Murray’s.

Murray’s Cheese Shop is located at 254 Bleecker Street between 6th and 7th avenue in NYC, and has an additional location on 43rd Street and Lexington Avenue.

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