“Souvlaki GR” takes their Greek restaurant on the road


Inside their restaurant colored with the hues of the Greek flag, “Souvlaki GR” promises a little bit of Mykonos in every bite. With a deep menu of classic Mediterranean fare at very moderate prices, the owners of the place decided to take the show on the road with a food truck.

Offering a much more limited menu than their brick-and-mortar locale, the Souvlaki GR truck offers a few different types of grilled sandwiches, all wrapped in a warm pita. Both omnivores and vegetarians have options here, whether its chicken, pork, bifteki, falafel, or grilled veggies, and the tantalizing smell of the open grill in the truck is like the siren’s song straight out of Homer’s Odyssey.


The sandwiches are easily gripped in one hand, such as the pork or chicken ones that I bought ($5 each).Lightly stuffed with thinly sliced red onion and tomato, a couple of french fries, and drowned in a tangy tsatsiki sauce, it feels like a miniature version of the gyro’s that I have had elsewhere in Queens.


No matter what meat I got, both were juicy and moist. Straight off the grill, the protein was blasting with charred flavor, perfectly cooked on the inside and augmented with those toppings mentioned above. The key is freshness, and that is something that they do not skimp on in this truck.


Four bucks will get you a big side of fries, while five will add Feta cheese onto them. One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to fries is the plastic bags that they are often served in. These translucent nightmares trap all the heat from the potatoes, causing condensation that will turn even the crispest fry into a soggy blob. While it was not mashed potatoes, the soft fries had a nice oregano taste to them, but the texture was marred greatly because of that little baggie. They might have been firmer before, but in the two minutes it took for me to get from their truck to my office, the damage was already done.

Souvlaki GR packs in pounds of intense flavor in a tiny pita wrap, and are a must-have for Mediterranean food fans on the go. The best part of these sandwiches is the fact that they have the same great taste of an immense NYC Gyro, but with none of the mess. Thanks to their literally handy-size, these easy to hold treats are something worth traveling for.

Souvlaki GR” travels around Manhattan during the week, so follow them on twitter to see where they will be next. Their restaurant is located at 116 Stanton Street, New York, NY 10002.

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