Soup and Sandwich from “Snack” in SoHo


… And that is the end of my alliterations for this review, I promise. Tucked away on Thompson street (I lied about the alliterations), “Snack” is a cozy hideaway that would be barely noticeable if not for the yellow sign swinging overhead.

“Snack” is also notable for a pretty big vegetarian menu. In fact, the majority of the menu is ovo-lacto vegetarian friendly, so as long as you are not like the lady sitting next to me that was gluten-free, carb-free, and all-around pain in the ass, there is something for everyone! Be it there impressive omelette bar or traditional Greek pies, or array of dips, “Snack” is a hot-spot for lunch and dinner in the SoHo area, and my first trip there would be the average businessperson meal of soup and a sandwich.


The Lentil Soup from “Snack” was a good place to start. Options for soup are mainly the classic Avgolemono, which is lemon, egg, black pepper and orzo in chicken broth, or whatever is the soup of the day, which on this day was lentil. With a lovely red sienna hue, the lentil soup was tasty and full of big flavors that melded together well in the veggie stock. The bread also came with two toasted crostini, which on their own would be super hard if not for them being softened in that broth.


This hearty sandwich is their roasted chicken sandwich, topped with big pieces of fresh tomatoes, and roasted red onions with a “spicy” (their words, not mine) mint lemonaise, and arugula on stirato bread. “Big” is the best word to describe the fillings for this big sandwich, and I think the photo above gives that away too. If you are not a fan of onions, you can just yank that big onion ring right on out of it and discard it, as opposed to other sandwiches that are crammed with smaller slices of red onions that you would constantly be picking out before each bite (I have seen it happen).


The lemonaise, which is a refreshing and cool lemony mayonnaise, was the perfect accoutrement to this loaded sandwich, softening the inside of the bread just enough and well-balanced with the tangy arugula. The stirato bread is extremely crusty and hard, sometimes working to its disadvantage in fact, as I found it a bit too hard to chomp into. I eventually gave up on the bread altogether and focused on the innards, which was a pity since I came for a sandwich and not a salad.

I enjoyed my lunch from “Snack”, and their diverse menu means I will no doubt make a return trip to try it again. If you can try a different bread like their ciabatta or pita, I would recommend it since that was the only thing I disliked about what I had. One other warning – the restaurant itself is very tiny, with very limited seating. Luckily, you can take the food to go, but if you are planning to make it a place to go on a date, either get there early or see if they take reservations.

“Snack” is located at 105 Thompson Street in Soho, Manhattan, NYC, with more info on the place on their official website or their Facebook page.

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