Schnitzel and Pretzels from “Doma Na Rohu”


Originally a small restaurant on West 4th and Perry St., “Doma Na Rohu” has nestled itself into one of those peculiar half-street spots on Morton St. and 7th Avenue. The eatery, which translates to “home on a corner” from the Slovak language, is an eclectic traditional menu featuring items from Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Large windows allow plenty of natural light to envelop this cozy European restaurant, that features a board game night, live music, and plenty of other family-friendly events. The interior feels like a small family-owned German restaurant, with ye olde German illustrations hanging on the wall and vintage-looking furniture. Known for their variety of sausages, I came with something else in my mind – schnitzel.


You can’t start a German meal without a pretzel (whether this is true or not, I could care less). A home-made pretzel with a side of German mustard ($3) is perfect bar food and a good way to wash it down is a nice, cold German beer. Soft and doughy with a good firmness, this warm pretzel was a bit misshapen, although other people did have nicer looking pretzels than mine. If you want that perfect pretzel shape, it is possible – it’s just unfortunate that mine, while very tasty, was not too photogenic.


The mustard (kept in a miniscule silver chalice) for my pretzel was a tangy and spicy accompaniment with fifty shades of gold and brown going on inside it. This was not a hot mustard, rather a sweet one with many different flavors that kept me dipping as I tried to figure out what they all were. Mustard is a complex condiment, and the one served with my pretzel was a sweet juxtaposition to the salty bread-twist.


The chicken schnitzel ($12) comes with a side of a salad and spaetzel (typically, it’s mashed potatoes with this dish, but I requested the swap-out). The salad was composed of mesclun lettuce, thinly-sliced cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, and a light, creamy dressing. Ain’t she a beaut?


The crust on this schnitzel was amazingly crunchy and crisp, and may have been some of the best schnitzel that I have tasted as of late. Having been to plenty of sub-par places, I was ecstatic to not taste the oil and only taste those panko breadcrumbs. Schnitzel is mainly about that crunchy texture, but the flattened chicken was well-seasoned and not pounded obscenely flat, which is something I like in a schnitzel. Topped with the tart lingonberry compote to add some flavor to the fried chicken, this simple poultry dish has a lot going on in terms of flavor and texture.


The spaetzel was made fresh to order, and finished by sauteing them in a pan with some butter. Fluffy, firm, light and buttery, I simply love all things spaetzel and this batch was no different. There is not much else I want to say about it, other than I liked it and here is a beauty shot of those wonderful strands of spaetzel.


Rounding out this trip to Germany, the pear strudel ($6) was a nice twist on the usual apple streudel. Served warm on a stylish drizzling of caramel with what tasted like a bourbon or cognac reduction, along with a scoop of cool vanilla ice cream, the streudel was a great finish to a great meal.


Thin slices of pear were masterfully stacked and aligned, then wrapped with phylo dough and baked into one fine combination of flavors. I enjoyed the mild sweetness of the pears, and the medley of things happening on the plate join together nicely for a well-balanced dessert that could easily be split between two people.


Despite the name of the place being nearly impossible for most people to say (myself included), “Doma Na Ruho” was a great experience with many more tasty European options to explore. I’ve got nothing bad to say about the restaurant, and genuinely am interested and look forward in coming back to check out the rest of their menu. While “Doma” might be slightly off the beaten path for most foodies, on the outskirts of an already restaurant-heavy area, this house on the corner is very welcoming to new neighbors from all over, and I suggest you become one of them.

Doma Na Rohu” is located on 27 1/2 Morton Street on 7th Avenue and is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as their bar that is open late.

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