Momofuku’s “Crack Pie” Should Be Illegal


While I was filming at the “Madison Square Eats” event earlier this month, I saw the cute little “Momofuku Milk Bar” booth, maintained by the equally cute and friendly register girl. Run by David Chang with the baking prowess of Christina Tosi, Momofuku has built an empire around their high-quality food, but I had yet to visit any of their many shops in NYC.

Reeled in with the decorations of mini-pretzels strung atop the booth like Christmas lights and enamored with the pixie-like smile of the register girl, it did not take long for me to drop way too much money at their booth.

On her suggestion after informing her that I was a Momofuku virgin, I bought a slice of the “Crack Pie”. I wondered how many times a day she had to fake-laugh her way through customers that made drug jokes about the pie. Being the gentleman I was, I made one myself, her genuinely warm fake-laugh putting a grin on my face too. Damn you, Momofuku girl. Damn your cuteness and delicious baked goods. Let’s see if your pie was as amazing as you were.

The first bite of the Crack Pie might be one of the most amazing chemical reactions to ever happen on your tongue when eating a dessert. Imagine the best baklava you have ever had, smothered in rich dark molasses with a touch of vanilla, and you will have an idea of what my mouth has enjoyed. Only an idea, though, as tasting is believing.

With a shell made from an Oatmeal cookie recipe to give it a distinct nuttiness and honey flavor, the filling is similar to Shoofly pie. Made with lots of brown sugar, heavy cream, butter, and more sugar, the name is not misleading. I was addicted after the first bite. With a lovely brown shade on top and a filling that resembles pecan pie, a fine dusting of powdered sugar is snowed on top of this slice (because one thing this pie clearly needs is more sugar). It is not an overly sweet sugary taste, but a refined and deep mouthful, combined with the sticky crust that augments the filling and takes it to a new place.

The hype train was correct on this one – Momofuku’s Crack Pie is an absolute winner, and I am hooked on the junk. Words fail me at a time like this, but what few that I can get my fingers to type after devouring this pie is that I want more. NOW. That could just be the sugar rush talking, but beyond that, it’s a super tasty dessert that has garnered a ton of attention and it is well deserved. Get down to Momofuku’s right now and indulge yourself, just try not to get addicted… it’s already too late for me… damn Momofuku register girl. I blame her for this.

Momofuku Milk Bar” has five locations in New York City, including the Upper West Side, East Village, Midtown, Carroll Gardens, and Williamsburg. If you do not live in NYC, you can order their items on their website as well.

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