Macarons from “Macaron Parlour”


Not to be confused with macaroons, the popularity of the French macaron has gone worldwide with foodies for some time. My first taste of them was in Japan in 2008, where I was anticipating what I knew as macaroons and not the meringue cookie sandwich with almond powder and buttercream filling. Foodies are huge on macarons, and while I am not a rabid macaronist (is there a term for hardcore macaron eaters?), I can appreciate why some people go nuts over them.

At “Mad. Sq. Eats”, I ran into the “Macaron Parlour” and interviewed them for my video on the event. I could not leave their stand without sampling their goodies, and somehow I ended up walking away with a quadruple helping of them. It was all a blur after that, with a sugar rush on one part of my brain battling against the food coma I was having from so much binge-eating that day…

Anyway, in my calorie-induced madness, I managed to bring back four macarons to do a proper review and get my sugar fix on once again.


Taking the traditional Italian dessert that translates to “pick me up”, the Tiramisu macaron tastes just like the real thing. Marscapone cheese and ladyfinger cookies are doused with cognac and sandwiched with a pair of the soft cookies, coated with a snow-shower of cocoa powder to make it more authentic. This goes above and beyond just utilizing the key ingredients of a tiramisu, physically encapsulating them by squeezing them into the sandwich cookie for a real treat.


At the suggestion of Kathleen, the lady inside the booth from the “Mad. Sq. Eats” video, she gave me one of her favorite macarons, the Caramel Fleur de Sel. Made with a salted caramel buttercream, you get the sweetness of the filling with a deep caramel flavor, augmented with a hint of the saltiness that brings out the intensity of it all.


The S’mores macaron may have been my personal favorite of this bunch, with the cookies made with brown sugar and honey glued together with a dark chocolate and marshmallow cream filling. The earthiness of the shell matches wonderfully with the very sweet marshmallow and deep dark chocolate.


Take a look at this cross-section of the inside and marvel at some serious macaron making!


One of the most unique flavors from “Macaron Parlour” is easily the Cheeto’s macaroon. The bright orange hue will immediately remind you of those crunchy logs, along with the powder that stains everything. The sweetness of the white chocolate ganache plays well with the cheese flavor, and is a surprisingly tasty cookie that is just as addictive as the snack it is based on.

Each macaron was $2.50, since there is no such thing as a cheap macaron. There are plenty more classic and modern options available in their store, including Red Velvet, Earl Grey, Matcha, The Elvis (peanut butter and caramelized bananas), and the popular Candied Bacon with Maple Cream Cheese. If you have a serious sweet tooth and are a big fan of these indulgent sandwich cookies, “Macaron Parlour” is the prime place to go to get your macaron fix.

Macaron Parlour” is located on 111 St. Marks Place, New York, NY 10009.

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