Classic Macaroni & Cheese from “Mac Truck”


First launched in the summer of 2012 at an upstate New York racetrack, “Mac Truck” is trying to cement itself as the iconic NYC food vehicle for macaroni & cheese. With their tiny yellow truck parking curbside all around Manhattan, they are fast becoming the place to go to get freshly made mac & cheese on the go, attracting not just rabid foodies but the average passer-by that would probably ignore a food truck for being too “hip” or just nothing they want to eat.

Macaroni and cheese is a nostalgic taste for Americans, so it would make sense for Staten Island native, Dom Tesoriero, to bring his truck from Saratoga down into the five boroughs to give New Yorkers a reminder of this childhood favorite. With plenty of variants to keep things fresh, the “Mac Truck” is our stop today for lunch, so let’s check it out!


Six bucks will get you a “small” bowl of their classic Macaroni & Cheese, but with eight, we can start to get a little bit crazy. Coarsely chopped Applewood smoked bacon is slammed on top and stuffed on bottom of this deceptively-deep dish to maximize your salty meat needs. The bacon is fresh, or at the very least not drained, as a pool of bacon grease coated the bottom-half of my mac ‘n’ cheese, as well as the paper bag it was packaged in. Some of that liquid gold was absorbed by the pasta, but the majority leaked out and over-saturated the food and the bowl. I suppose these things happen with bacon, though, and to be fair, I did not mind that my table smelled like bacon even after I was done eating.

The elbow macaroni has a good texture, still pretty firm in fact, since nobody likes overcooked pasta, except for senior citizens. This cheesy-noodle casserole has a big and rich cheese flavor, thick and hearty. Adding the bacon to this was really gilding the lily, since the mac & cheese did not need to be augmented with anything else. If you do yearn for some more protein in your meal, you can also add buffalo chicken, pulled pork, or a chopped cheeseburger. If you are feeling extremely adventurous, you can add a poached egg to any of the options on the menu!


I know there are some of you out there that can’t eat anything without an abundance of sauces, so fret not. “Mac Truck” is ready and willing to give you whatever sauce you need, be it ketchup, ranch, BBQ, spicy mayo, and just about whatever else you could want to make this the perfect customizable mac & cheese for you.

If you love macaroni and cheese (and who doesn’t besides the violently lactose intolerant?), “Mac Truck” is the place for you. The toppings are tasty, but who needs them when you have such a good thing without it? For eight bucks, you can get a small combo platter, which includes a drink and apple slices with honey, which sounds like a much better accompaniment than greasy meat. However, I have heard very good things about the pulled pork and BBQ chicken, so it might be best to skip the bacon or eggs and give those a try on my next visit to the big yellow cheese truck. This is macaroni and cheese for adults, not that it is a mature or pretentious version of it, but rather it is the childhood favorite upgraded for your full-grown palate, while still giving you all the sauce or whatever else you want to stuff into your bowl.

“Mac Truck” travels around NYC including different spots along Park Avenue such as Madison and 46th st., and even goes to the Belmont racetrack, so follow their twitter to see where they are today!

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