Korean BBQ from “Bob & Jo” Truck


I want to introduce you readers to one of my favorite food trucks in the entire city. It is no understatement when I say that I have followed this vehicle to different locations just to order the same thing from it every time. The “Bob & Jo” Korean Fusion Cuisine food truck, which opened for business in July 2011, travels around the city doing lunch and dinner (pending they have enough food left for dinner), serving traditional Korean grilled delicacies with a taste of NY in every bite.

Their name is also a play on words, as the name of their truck does not just represent the name of the owners, but also a Korean phrase that means “feed me more”. Once you get a forkful of this, I am confident you will be saying the same.


The last time we talked about Korean food was from the Kimchi Taco truck, but “Bob & Jo” keeps things old-fashioned. No burritos or tacos, but you can get bibimbap, a rice dish with a colorful array of veggies, a hard boiled egg, and meat of your choice, or jap-che, mixed vegetables over sweet potato noodles. The fusion part comes from their sandwiches, which are served either in a French baguette or a Chinese steamed bun. However, the real standout for me has always been the most basic item on their menu – pure grilled meat.

What you see above is a #5, the Galbi rice platter. Accompanying these marinated short ribs is a bed of fluffy rice, a tasty side salad with a light vinaigrette dressing, and kimchi (which is thankfully sealed tight in a small plastic container to keep the scent of it from mingling with the BBQ in case you are not a fan of the pickled spicy cabbage). The salad seems to change seasonally in appearance and ingredients, but as of this post, it has maintained a similar appearance to what you see above with little variation.


The short ribs are king of the Bob & Jo truck and are their most popular item on the menu. Rightfully so, this tender meat is intense and fragrant, and combined with their signature smoky mayo on top, this is a thoroughly satisfying and amazing experience. Try it with a forkful of Jalapeno peppers, which are nestled under the rice, to add some serious kick to it.

There are other meat choices too if you are not in the mood for short rib (although I have no idea why you would not want this tempting slice of heaven), including bulgogi (marinated ribeye steak), and the extremely spicy chicken and pork. It’s unfortunate that their pork and poultry do not come in non-hot varieties, as these two meats also taste great but are not for the faint of heart.


Here is another shot of that beautiful meat. It’s one of those occasions where I can not think of enough positive words to say how much I like it, other than to tell you to track this truck down ASAP and try it for yourself. I have heard less-than-positive things about the sandwiches, although I have yet to have one, with the main complaint being that there is not enough meat on them. If you get a rice platter, you can spend $9 for a very good amount of meat, but for one dollar extra you get twice the meat (which is what you see above). $10 goes a long way at “Bob & Jo” and it’s absolutely worth it to go for that extra meat. I highly recommend this truck for fans of grilled meat, and I guarantee that all of your friends and co-workers will be dying to know where it came from (I know every time I eat it, everyone in my office becomes curious about it, and soon become as addicted as I am).

Follow Bob & Jo on twitter to see where they will be on any day of the week, or check out their official website for more info.

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