Key Lime Pie from “Mason Jar”


I have a soft spot for Key Lime Pie, but I could not explain what it is I like about it. It seems so different compared to the other desserts I like, especially pie, in that I am not a fan of citrus-based desserts typically. Chocolate and oranges are a good mix, but something about it rubs me the wrong way.

While I was hanging out at the “Madison Square Eats” event, I found myself in front of “Mason Jar”, a classic American style bar and eatery that had a ton of beer and a bit of food. When I saw the words “Key Lime Pie” on a piece of 8 x 11 paper taped up on top of their booth, I knew I had to have it. After all, it was the only pie of it’s kind at this food fair, and the pie itself is a wonderful enigma to bakers. Simple in theory, but very easy to do wrong, either making it gelatinous, having a frankenstein shade of green, or an artificial lime flavor. How does “Mason Jar” do their Key Lime Pie? Let’s find out!


The mini Key Lime Pie ($5) is a spectacular version of this recipe. The pale yellow hue is subtle, while the citrus flavor is explosive combined with the creamy insides. Presentation wise, Key Lime Pie is pretty standard – filling, crust, tin. No point in gilding the lily, and this rendition of the dessert keeps it sweet and simple.

The graham cracker crust on the outside holds up against the filling, despite not being blind-baked to make it firmer. Most Key Lime Pie’s are not done this way, since they are served chilled, and this crumbly crust is no exception. Buttery and flaky, it offsets the tanginess of the citrus inside as well as the creamy texture juxtaposed to the delicate crunch of the crushed graham crackers.

Rich, decadent, creamy, fluffy, and bursting with some serious lime flavor, “Mason Jar” offers an amazing Key Lime pie that will make you feel like you are in Florida, relaxing by the beach with the authentic thing. While I can not say how the rest of their menu tastes, I can confidently suggest you head to their restaurant to have a slice of pie, or in this case, an entire one albeit a mini-pie.

Mason Jar” is located on 45 East 30th Street in New York City.

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