Homemade Oreo from “Westville”


Oreo cookies are not just for hungry kids looking for an after-school snack or nostalgic adults wishing they were back in school. It’s safe to say that the Oreo cookie is a perfect food, from its pleasing shape to balance of chocolate cookie and cream filling.

“Westville”, which initially opened in 2003 and has since expanded to multiple spots in NYC, has been offering its own take on the Oreo for some time now, and as much as I did my best to practice self-restraint, I was forced to give into deliciousness.


For three bucks, you get a homemade version of the Oreo cookie that is much larger than its Nabisco counterpart. Two very chocolatey cookies envelope their own unique cream center. The cookies themselves were spectacular, crisp and crunchy on the outside with a soft inside. Not the kind of crunch that means your cookie will crumble all over your lap, but the kind that you can snap into while still retaining its structure.

The cream filling was tasty, but I found it to be overly sweet and overpowering the cookies. If I had to name ingredients in that filling, sugar would easily top that list. It was hard to identify what it was beyond just a sugary cream combination, albeit a very good one.

I could easily eat a dozen of the cookies by themselves and be happy, and this sandwich cookie was very good. However, For my tastes, it was a bit too sugary in the center, but not enough to make me abandon “Westville”. Especially since they also have an oatmeal cookie version of this Oreo that will be teasing my self-restraint again very soon!

“Westville” has four locations in New York City, head to their website to check them all out!

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