Fried Shrimp & Chips from “Fishing Shrimp” Truck


Warning! This post will clog your arteries in three paragraphs or less, so readers with high cholesterol or BMI should go read something else.

For those of you left (which is probably everyone because fried foods – f*** yeah!), the “Fishing Shrimp” truck pulled up near me recently, and the overpowering scent of sizzling oil and breadcrumbs summoned me like Kanye West to Fish Sticks. With Lent still upon some of my readers, I wanted to review something that they can eat guilt-free… to an extent. A pile of fried crustaceans and french fries (or “chips” in this case) felt appropriate, so let’s dive into this greasy treat and see how we fare.

Not going to lie, it’s pretty difficult to make fried shrimp look artsy or just photogenic, especially next to fries. It’s all about texture, and with an iPhone and no special lens attachments, the photo above is the best you are going to get.

You can get 10 fried shrimp and fries for $11, although there is a smaller portion for $8. For those of you allergic to shellfish, you can also order fried fish or conch, or go for broke and get a fish or shrimp po’boy sandwich. The fried shrimp had a slightly salty taste with that golden crust on top, and tasted fresh once you got past the oiliness. The fries had a coating on top of them, and kept their shape through the meal (although I do recommend you separate them from the shrimp so they do not get soggy).

In terms of flavor, the shrimp were a bit bland, but the texture was great. The same could be said for the fries, nothing superb in terms of the ingredient, but the coatings were tasty enough. Fried foods are a delicate balance between crust and ingredient, and “Fishing Shrimp” focuses more on the crust than what is underneath it. While I really enjoyed it because of that coating, what I did not enjoy was the malaise and sleepiness that ensued for the next few hours. I felt completely greasy and physically disgusting after eating this, from my hands to my face.

“Fishing Shrimp” would make for a good quick snack, so I recommend trying the smaller portion if you want this or bring backup (AKA a very hungry friend). Be warned though, this is a very greasy ordeal to eat from their truck, so I do not recommend this more than once a month at most. Your arteries will thank you later.

You can find out more about the “Fishing Shrimp” truck on their official website, or to see where they are on a certain day, follow them on their twitter page.

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