“Eddie’s Pizza Truck” is more like pizza – yuck!


I was ecstatic to see a truck serving pizza parked nearby my office, and jumped right in line to grab myself a pie. “Eddie’s Pizza Truck” is an off-shoot of “Eddie’s Pizza” restaurant in New Hyde Park, which is the home of the “bar-pie”. What a bar-pie is, I still can not tell you, but if it’s what I ate, I would rather not know.

If you can not tell by the absolutely stupid title of this post and the extremely negative-sounding third sentence, I was not too keen on “Eddie’s Pizza Truck”, and for good reason. What looked like a promising slice of awesome quickly turned into a nightmare topped with cheese.


The “Eddie’s Special” is a beast of a pie, stretching out to 10 inches wide. This thin crust pizza features sausage, meatballs, pepperoni, bell peppers, mushrooms, and onions. There must have been some cheese on the pie too, but it must have been hiding with Waldo as I could not find or taste it under that topping overload. It resembles a dirty room more than a pizza, as ingredients were just haphazardly heaped onto the dough, a dough so thin that it could not handle the weight of the ingredients for more than 1/100th of a millisecond. I do not know if they make their own dough, but it sure looked and tasted like a cheap burrito wrap to me. There is no way to safely pick one of these monstrous slices up, and even if you did, the toppings would either slide off or the super-thin dough would fall apart due to the wet ingredients on top.

Yes, wet ingredients. Due to the thin nature of the flavorless tortilla crust, you can not cook this thing long without burning it to death. That also means your veggies will not cook much, and basically get a quick steam before you eat them that just begins to soften them and force them to release their liquids. That cardboard bottom was no match for the peppers and onions that sweated on top, and combined with what may have just been too much of the overly-sweet sauce for such a thin pizza to handle, this thing was a structural disaster. If this pizza was checked by the board of housing, it would be shut down for a crumbling foundation.

You might think I am being unfair, but I did give Eddie’s a second try, tasting their chicken parm hero. The same sauce covered some forgettable bread with chicken tenders so heavily deep-fried, it was more chunks of brown crud than it was poultry. A co-worker later also got a pie, despite my warnings, and was equally disappointed with his pie, even going so far as to complain to them on Twitter about it (which they did apologize for).

This was the debut of this pizza truck by my workplace, so the line was a decent size. Passing by it a week later, there was practically no line, and it is easy to see why. I will say that the service at the truck was pleasant and all of the staff were very helpful and nice. It’s unfortunate that the food does not match their team. Perhaps the restaurant is better (and I would be willing to give them a shot), or maybe I just ordered poorly, but this truck was abysmal, plain and simple. I have had pizza from those dollar-a-slice spots that were light years ahead of this… calling it pizza would be an insult to Italians, so I will just call it “this” and end it there.

“Eddie’s Pizza Truck” travels around New York City to various locations, so check their twitter to see where they are on a specific day.

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