Chocolate-covered bananas from “Forbidden Fruit NYC”


We have looked at some pretty sweet sweet’s in the past dessert reviews here, be it a homemade Ring-Ding or homemade Oreo-style sandwich cookie, but what about when you want something that is a little less prone to causing diabetes? “Forbidden Fruit NYC” offers up a lighter alternative, taking fresh fruit and simply bathing them in chocolate.

Hiding away on MacDougal street, this tiny little eatery offers a variety of nature’s delights drenched in chocolate, all while maintaining a green eco-friendly store. The simple-looking menu is deeper than it looks, with combinations of coatings and toppings that turn your dessert into something tasty while still being relatively guilt-free.


The sparse inside has enough room for a line of people and counter-space that is occupied with samples and examples of what you can do with your fruit. Ignore my white paper bag on the floor – it was holding my leftovers from THELEwala, which is conveniently located a few doors down.


There are plenty of fruits on display, and if you are a first-timer, the very courteous servers will be more than happy to give you a free sample. I had a blackberry doused in warm dark chocolate, which was enough to hook me. I ended up ordering a chocolate-covered banana, as the title of this post would inform you, but you can also order strawberries like in the above photo, pineapple, apple slices, orange slices, berry cups, and assorted fruit cups or sticks (think of a chocolate-covered fruit shish kebab).


A small order of fruit (when ordered to go) comes packed in this cute little box with a nice sticker on it. You can not fault them for staying “green”, and better yet, it keeps the fruit from smudging and losing that chocolate shell. Otherwise, it would just be plain fruit on a stick, and that’s just boring.


Not going to lie, this is the most phallic looking food photo I ever shot. I toiled for a few minutes, fumbling around with different poses to make it look less naughty, but when you are shooting a chocolate-covered banana, one can only do so much. It does not help when your store name sounds like an adult toy store, but let’s just ignore that fact for the time being.

What can I say about it? It’s a chocolate covered banana, and a pretty one at that. Bananas are an odd fruit that require some extra ripening to make them sweeter, and this fellow was at that point, kept firm thanks to the slight refrigeration required to keep the chocolate on it. It’s outer shell was made of dark chocolate, with a milk chocolate drizzle. You can also order extra chocolate on it, as well as have it dipped in shredded coconut, crushed walnuts, or sprinkles. Additionally, there is a special chocolate that rotates each month, including coffee, cinnamon and spicy Mexican.

“Forbidden Fruit” is a wonderful little place for something sweet that will not give you a horrible sugar rush after or make you feel like you just gobbled down a few thousand empty calories. MacDougal is getting many good places to eat, and this would be a good place for you to end your food tour if you happen to hit the area.

Forbidden Fruit NYC” is located on 106 MacDougal Street, and offers service in their place as well as catering.

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