“Bob & Jo” has a new food cart with a slightly new menu… and curry!


Regular readers here at Blowtorch Pudding have heard me sing praises about the “Bob & Jo” truck before, especially with their Galbi platter and the amazing Ramen soup and dumplings combination. Lo and behold, what was parked near my office one day but Bob & Jo, but this time not in their usual fashion.

Like mana from the heavens, Bob & Jo has gone to the next level of their business by expanding beyond trucks. Now sporting a smaller food cart (in addition to their truck), Bob & Jo can now bring their Korean BBQ into multiple spots in one day, doubling your chances to get a taste of this place.

Not only do they have a new look, but they also have a slightly different menu from the full-sized vehicle.


The smaller cart was most of what you would get from the truck, with the exception of the seasonal Ramen and dumplings (and probably their Summer menu as well, although I can not confirm that for another few months). The cart has also eliminated their specialty sandwiches, leaving the meat and tofu ones, and the vegetarian-friendly sweet potato noodle dish from their offerings.

However, this streamlined menu features something that the food truck does not – curry! I am a huge curry lover, as seen in my review of Go! Go! Curry!, a Japanese restaurant that specializes in the dark-brown liquid gold. Needless to say, I had to give this curry a whirl.


Of course, I could not get a platter from Bob & Jo without having some of that wonderful Galbi, so I got one-half curry and one-half galbi. As always, the galbi was great, and the owners have been perpetually upgrading their meat and marinade since we first reviewed them last year, so the quality has truly improved in a short amount of time. The side-salad as well has also changed a bit, with a slightly different dressing and preparation. Instead of kimchi, pickled onions are offered on the side (although I am sure kimchi is still available if you ask).


The new vegetable curry (part of their expanding vegetarian menu) is a hearty helping of this flavorful concoction. It has a deep curry flavor in this thick stew, which has all sorts of veggies sprinkled in it. Every serving of curry comes with a hard-boiled egg on top as well, traditional for all curries.

The curry platter goes great with the rice, and will really fill you up. While this dish is vegetarian friendly, meat-eaters will surely like this change of pace with this blast of flavor.


Just soak that image in for a few moments and feel the drool trickle down your chin.

I love the new curry from Bob & Jo, as I do with nearly everything on their menu that I have tasted (even the spicy chicken, which they have made a bit less spicy lately which makes me even happier). Bob & Jo always had a few vegetarian options before, but it was mainly tofu (which always sold out very fast there, meaning they must have been doing something right). Now you at least have a new option to diversify to their non-meat eating customers, and even omnivores like me can get on board with. With the introduction of this new food cart, Bob & Jo can be in two places at once, and that greatly increases your ability to go out and try them if you already have not. Tell them Blowtorch Pudding sent you!

Follow Bob & Jo on twitter to see where they will be on any day of the week, or check out their official website for more info.

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