A slice of dollar pizza from “Percy’s Pizza”


Dollar pizza joints have been popping up since the recession first hit New York in 2009, and have become a very popular and seemingly successful business venture since then. By its nature, pizza is a food meant for peasants – bread, cheese, and some sauce. Thanks to evil geniuses like Wolfgang Puck, the traditional pizza has been elevated to different levels throughout the years, and the price has elevated too.

There is an actual correlation between the cost of subway fare and a slice of pizza in NY (seriously, look it up if you don’t believe me), but for cheapo’s like me who want to eat on the run, we don’t have time or money to waste on fancy pies. Enter “Percy’s Pizza”, and their beckoning claim of a slice of Italy for a single buck.


A plain triangle slice will set you back one dollar, but there are more expensive options once you start adding toppings or change the shape into a Sicilian-style square. However, no slice will cost you more than three bucks with toppings, as opposed to your average pizza place in NY where $3 barely gets you a garlic knot.

At “Percy’s”, one dollar gets you a long slice of cheese pizza with a thin layer of grease on top. This is a crunchy thin crust pizza with a nice char on the underside, one that is quite firm and holds up under the weight of the cheese. From what I can gather off this plain slice, I am confident it could support some toppings as well. The cheese also stays on the pizza and does not run away from it, which is common in other dollar slice places that have oily cheese that slides off the crust as soon as you pick it up.


The sauce was sweet and tangy, not at all acidic or overpowering. As for the taste of the cheese, well, it’s cheese. Definitely cheese. It won’t stand out, but has some good flavor to it. The sauce and crust were what stood out most to me on this tasty slice.

“Percy’s Pizza” is one of the best dollar slices in NY, and I highly recommend it for you pizza aficionados. Outside of the price range, it still stands out as a good pizza on it’s own merits, so don’t let the price put you off from trying a slice from “Percy’s”.

“Percy’s Pizza” is located in Greenwich Village on 190 Bleecker St, between Avenue Of The Americas & Downing St.

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