A Photo Tour of “The London Candy Company”


After a two year run on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, “The London Candy Company” has moved to a new location on Bleecker Street in the West Village. Offering a bevy of UK goodies that you can probably only find in this store, or at least the sheer volume of sweets, owner Jignesh Patel has cemented himself as the go-to place in NYC for British candy.

What better time is there than before Halloween to check out this store and give you guys a brief photo tour of the inside of this amazing shop!


Wall after wall of candy, squeezed into one very cozy little shoppe! Some of these you may have heard of before, others you probably have not. Cadbury, Quality Street, Bassetts, Nestle, Kinder, and other companies fill the store with the scent of chocolate that will raise your blood sugar and cause immediate diabetes upon entering the building.


So many Dairy Milk bars, so little time…


It might be hard to believe, but some people might not want to indulge in the sugary British chocolate. For those who can not handle the intensity of it, there are plenty of fruity options to rummage through.


Even the floor reminds you to “Keep Calm and Eat Candy.”



Walls of potato chips, or crisps as the Brits say, line the walls of the store with varieties that Yanks like me would normally not be privy too. Stay tuned for a review later on to see some of these oddities!



The prices on the sweets can range depending on their quality level. You can get a Kit Kat bar for $2, or you can go for something more high end for a few bucks more. There is something for every price level and age group, depending on just how much chocolate you want to go for.


Of course, there are other British delicacies beyond just candy bars! I am not sure where else you would find that style of Heinz canned beans or blue pudding, and I am putting those on my list of things to try.



“The London Candy Company” has a ton of great things to try, and the staff (usually wearing derby hats) is always helpful to tell you what is in a specific bar, or if you are a newb like me, where is a good place to start your tour of British candy. You have not lived until you have tasted a British Kit Kat bar, so I recommend starting with that so you can begin to recognize the nuances that separate the American version from this one across the pond.

There is also a small coffee and tea shoppe within the store, but we will talk about that some more another day. Expect plenty more Blowtorch Pudding reviews and stories from this place in the coming months, as there seems to be an unlimited amount of new tastes for foodies like us! So, keep calm and eat candy!

The London Candy Company” is located at 287 Bleecker Street and is open seven days a week. Check their website for hours of operation.

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