A bunch of cookies from “Momofuku Milk Bar”


The reputation of “Momofuku Milk Bar” is hands-down one of the best in the city for bakeries. With a spot in every major part of Manhattan and one deep in Hipster territory (Williamsburg), Momofuku has been moistening the panties of foodies for some time now. I have to admit, after getting hooked on the “Crack Pie”, I may be among those ranks now.

While hanging around the “Madison Square Eats” event in May, I picked up a few additional treats from their booth. With the price of three cookies for $5, how could I resist? I’d like to see you try! With the taste of crack… pie on my lips, I had high expectations for their cookies, and I am glad to report that they absolutely lived up their standards.

The chocolate chocolate cookie, the incredibly long named “cornflake chocolate chip marshallow” cookie, and the Compost cookie, which, much like their “Crack Pie” contains no actual compost in it. A relief to many, a disappointment to some. All of the cookies have a chewy texture, although they are thinner cookies so they maintain a nice bit of crunch in them too, but they overall firm but yielding.


The chocolate chocolate cookie is just that – big chocolate flavor crammed with bigger chocolate flavor. It’s the only word that comes to mind when describing it – pure chocolatey chocolate. You can taste the cocoa powder immediately, and moments later an additional but different chocolate flavor hits your tongue. There is no sugary aftertaste, you get nothing but the rich taste of some very good and sophisticated chocolate. Extremely decadent and not for the faint of heart (or those prone to a sugar rush), this is simply one of the most powerful chocolate cookies out there today.


The Compost cookie is virtually identical to the cornflake chocolate chip cookie in terms of appearance, which is why it was hard for me to remember what I took photos of. It’s a cookie that requires some patience to eat, as the first bite tastes likes one thing, but as it melts onto your tongue, something new hits it the longer it sits. My initial bite was just a chocolate chip cookie, but then came the aroma of coffee, followed by something nuttier from the oats, then the full-bodied flavor of butterscotch and gentle sweetness from the graham crackers, and finally the saltiness and crunch from a bit of ground-up potato chip. There is an earthiness in this dessert thanks to the coffee scent, which is where I think the “compost” title comes from. It’s a cookie with many layers to it, and a name that downplays the cleverness of it but also maintains the playful nature of the company.


Lastly, the “cornflake chocolate chip marshallow” cookie, or as I will call it for the rest of this review, the CCCMC. As mentioned earlier, there is little visibly to differentiate this cookie from the Compost one, but the texture is where it stands apart. As opposed to the cookie-texture of the other two, this one is like a cookie had a baby with a rice krispy treat, thanks to those cornflakes and marshmallows that help give it a puffed-up and crunchier mouthfeel. An interesting cookie for sure with a buttery aftertaste, it is a unique experience that is worth trying.

Once again, “Momofuku” stands up to the test and

Momofuku Milk Bar” has five locations in New York City, including the Upper West Side, East Village, Midtown, Carroll Gardens, and Williamsburg. If you do not live in NYC, you can order their items on their website as well.

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