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A Photo Tour of “The London Candy Company”


After a two year run on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, “The London Candy Company” has moved to a new location on Bleecker Street in the West Village. Offering a bevy of UK goodies that you can probably only find in this store, or at least the sheer volume of sweets, owner Jignesh Patel has cemented himself as the go-to place in NYC for British candy.

What better time is there than before Halloween to check out this store and give you guys a brief photo tour of the inside of this amazing shop!
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Colombian Arepas from the “Palenque” Truck


There truly is a glut of trucks that do the same preparation of other trucks, albeit with a different main ingredient. I have seen Korean food, American BBQ, and all sorts of other fusion cuisine vehicles that offer the same things – rice bowls, tacos, burritos. That’s not to say they are bad tasting, but it is nice to have a change every now and then when it comes to appearance. Enter “Palenque”.

Owned and operated by Viviana Lewis and Angela “Nena” Sierra, two Colombian ladies that call New York their home, the namesake refers to a village in their home country. The specialty of this food truck is arepas, which is a grilled flatbread covered with various toppings, both sweet and savory. You can eat it like a pizza, you can eat it like a sandwich, you can cut it with a knife and fork, or you can tear it apart with your bare hands like a grizzly bear. Manners go out the window when it comes to an arepa, and this truck will make sure that your experience is finger-licking good.
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Gorging at “Mad Sq Eats – Fall 2013”


Earlier in the year, we hit the Spring edition of Mad Sq Eats 2013 with some serious coverage/ overeating. It took us a few months to get ready for the Fall edition, which opened on September 25 and is currently going on outdoors at Madison Square Park.


Many of our old favorites had returned, including Roberta’s Pizza, Asia Dog, Arancini Bros., Artisan Cannoli, La Sonrisa Empanadas, Momofuku Milk Bar, Seoul Lee Korean BBQ, and many others. If you want to see what we thought of their food, check out the links scattered earlier in the post. In the meantime, we decided to try some of the new items for this fest, and found a few worth nomming on, and a few worth skipping!
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Pizza does not get more authentic than at “Numero 28”


My love affair with the mistress called Pizza has been well-documented on this site, so my hunt for the finest in the city will be my never-ending quest. Lactose intolerance, be damned! The sheer amount of pizzerias in each of the five boroughs is daunting, but you have to take it one slice at a time. On this day, my journey stopped me at “Numero 28” in the West Village.

Named after their building number on Carmine Street, “Numero 28” serves freshly made pasta and pizza a few doors down from another Italian restaurant, which is across the street from several more pizzerias. To say it’s a packed area would not do justice to how many slices you could accumulate in a matter of steps. However, the one thing that this place has that the competition does not have is the rare gem of pizzas, the Pizza D.O.C.!
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