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Kielbase from the “Old Traditional Polish Cuisine” Truck


There are some ethnic foods that seem to be rarer than others when it comes to dining in Manhattan. Polish cuisine seems to be one of those that I have trouble finding, other than a few select spots that are dotted around the city. Luckily, someone heard the outcry for this type of food, and has mobilized that need on four wheels.

The “Old Traditional Polish Cuisine” Truck, or OTPC for short (because I am not re-typing that name out each time),has one of the most unique and awesome looking trucks out there. You can easily spot this truck amongst all the competitors with its faux-wood paneling and homely design. Other trucks go for modern looks, while OTPC goes for a classic home-cooking feel. It’s comfort food at it’s most comforting, so let’s dive in and eat!
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Half Cinnamon-Roll, Half Cookie – Meet the Cinnarookies!


Kickstarter is the place where dreams go to wither and die, or blossom and thrive. Like many other fans of that site, I love to scour the pages upon pages of ideas and concepts for things, like video games, comics, technology, or my personal favorite, food. It’s hard to choose what item you want to back when you are on a limited budget, especially when it comes to the tasty edible options out there. Luckily for me, I found Cinnarookies.

Billed as the hybrid between a cinnamon roll and a cookie, the Cinnarookie was created by Minnesota natives Ashley Wiermaa and Lindsey Else. The dream of these two business ladies/ bakers was to take their unique cookie idea and turn it into a national business. Like all start-ups, there are tons of expenses when it comes to starting the corporate side of things, so Ashley & Lindsey turned to their kickstarter to raise $3,500 to get the ball rolling. Thanks to their successful fundraising efforts, they raised more than they needed, and lucky for a backer like me, I got my hands on a dozen of their cookies as a thank you gift! So, let’s take a sneak peek at the Cinnarookie!
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“Souvlaki GR” takes their Greek restaurant on the road


Inside their restaurant colored with the hues of the Greek flag, “Souvlaki GR” promises a little bit of Mykonos in every bite. With a deep menu of classic Mediterranean fare at very moderate prices, the owners of the place decided to take the show on the road with a food truck.

Offering a much more limited menu than their brick-and-mortar locale, the Souvlaki GR truck offers a few different types of grilled sandwiches, all wrapped in a warm pita. Both omnivores and vegetarians have options here, whether its chicken, pork, bifteki, falafel, or grilled veggies, and the tantalizing smell of the open grill in the truck is like the siren’s song straight out of Homer’s Odyssey.
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